[Electrical and Computer Engineering]


Statistical Decision Theory

Spring 2001
MF 11:45am - 1:10pm
EB 401


Tan F. Wong
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
461 Engineering Building
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-6130

Office: EB461
Phone: (352) 392-2665
Fax: (352) 392-0044
Email: twong@ece.ufl.edu


Course Description

The goal of this course is to introduce the stduents to the basic theory of signal detection, which has extensive applications in communications and signal processing.

Course Topics

  1. Elements of hypothesis testing
  2. Signal detection in discrete time
  3. Signal detection in continuous time


H. V. Poor, An Introduction to Signal Detection and Estimation, Second edition, Springer-Verlag, 1994. ISBN 0-387-94173-8.

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