EEL5544: Homework

EEL5544: Homework


Homework problems will be assigned roughly every two weeks. Solutions will be provided; as a result, late problem solutions will not be accepted. It is very important that you attempt to solve every problem.

How to turn in your homework solutions?

Your solutions to problems assigned should be photocopied. Either the original or the photocopy should be turned in as specified below. Remember late problem solutions will not be accepted.

On-campus students:

Hand in your homework solutions in class on the due date. This means that you have to hand in your solutions, more precisely, before the class starts.

Off-campus students:

Submit your homework solutions through your local UF EDGE/FEEDS office before the due date. Because of potential DVD delivery delay, you can mail/fax in your homework solutions within a week of the on-campus due date.

Problem sets

Questions Suggested Solutions Sample MATLAB Programs
HW 1 MATLAB code (due 9/9/05) HW 1 A nice MATLAB code with GUI courtesy of Savyasachi Singh
HW 2 (due 9/23/05) HW 2 main program cdf estimation fn
HW 3 (due 10/14/05) HW 3 main program cdf estimation fn
HW 4 (due 10/31/05) HW 4
HW 5 (due 11/4/05) HW 5
HW 6 (due 12/5/05) HW 6

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