Homework 2, EEL 6509

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Consider the log-normal shadowing process described on pp. 104-110 in the book. Let BC = boundary coverage $= \mbox{Prob}
\left[ P_r (R) > \gamma \right]$. Show that

\begin{eqnarray*}U(\gamma) = BC +\exp \left( \frac{1-2ab}{b^2} \right) \mbox{Q} \left(
\frac{\sqrt{2} \left( 1-ab \right) }{b} \right),

and give the simplified value for a.

Hint: Solve for $\gamma$ in the equation for $\mbox{Prob} \left[ P_r
(R) > \gamma \right]$. Substitute the value you find into the equation for a. Then substitute this value into equation (3.78) where appropriate and simplify.

Evaluate this expression for a few points, such as n=6, BC=0.9. Do you think the Figure 3.18 on page 108 in the text is correct?

Problem 3.10 in the text

Problem 3.13 in the text

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Homework 2, EEL 6509

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